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Full Version: Kendrick Lamar Previews New music: Vanity Slaves Pt. 2 and 2 songs w/J. Cole
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In this video, kendrick previews his new music at his in-store signing, that are expected to drop soon!

1st joint is Vanity Slaves Pt.2 (the first Vanity Slaves song is on the kendrick lamar ep) and the song features Gucci Mane *PAUSE* now before u judge first let me put up the kendrick lamar tweet to quote him about the gucci feature

don't let the title presentation fool u G. There's a message behind the feat. The song is called "vanity slave" - @Kendrick_lamar (Source)>>>

Also fyi according to a friend of mine who was at the signing its only gucci on the hook, no verse from him at all

The Next two joints are the much anticipated kendrick/cole collabos

1st one is "temptation" with javonte on the hook and the second is "shock the world" w/ bj the chicago kid on the hook of that song

got to tell you this shit imo sounds like its gonna be classical material forreal.

Keep telling ya dont sleep on kendrick. Anyhow cannot wait for the full songs to get released and im gonna be the first to post them here, trust!
kendrick is that dude love his music, creativity, energy, message, guy is unstoppable he has my support!
Kedrick L tha west Next Big Thing he a Version Nas on a west