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Full Version: Lyrics Help
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Hey guys I need a little help.....what Crooked song does he say "Gain power and money, but never put anything before the Circle"....I don't think it's in a verse, it's at the beginning or end.  I just can't remember the song.  Any help is appreciated!
Thats a hard one, maybe original HHW's ???
ill check through the original HHW tomorrow, im almost positive its in them...i can picture the song just cant put a name to it. ill get back to ya
Haha it's Big Shit Poppin(week 12) just happened to hear the song while playing through the series on shuffle
Back it up whenever God's gift spit it
If you want it you can get it, I'm so Todd Smith wit' it
I hop, skip, pivot, you not shit
You pop shit, my glock spit shots quicker than clocks tick minutes