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Full Version: For Those That Type Up Lyrics for the board
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FIRST, thanks guys, I made the topic for the "database"(or whatever you wanna call it) about a month or two ago and really wanted to get a song done each week minimum! Ahaha I've still only typed the one song up...the same day I created the database thread no less, anyway at the very least I remember to come check the lyrics board once every week or so and keep the database up to date

which brings me to a favor I have to ask you guys, would you mind sending a pm to me when you throw a new lyrics up, often I'll go to the main page and nothing really catches my eye so I don't come to the forum, I can see if I have any new pm's that way though

No worries if ya don't feel like going to the trouble, I should get to updating it eventually regardless of if you pm me, It would just make it that much easier to keep the lyrics section up to date