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Full Version: November 3rd Cypher
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[Dice Dinero]
They say Dice is a wacko, cuz I be eatin MCs with the rap flow
Spittin and chewin like it’s tobacco
Pullin chicks with my chain like my neck piece is a lasso
Yall never have cheese, you got me thinkin yall lactose
Intolerant, got a problem prick, holla den then send hollow tips
From the llama bit, swallow them
On my buck getting my fuck bitches shit
You niggas gay, you probably on some fuck bitches shit
Listen trick, I be spittin that raw, so when Im spittin
They listen in awe, they all listen in awe
To eat sentence, Im  sick as yall know
And you niggas is soft just sit in the closet like yall clothes
Im tryna see how quick my biscuits can send a prick to the crossroads
Then take his bitch and see how much dick can her jaws hold
And yall know, that this rider is sick
Im ominous bitch, squad ?? split
When Im in this bitch

[Kenny Siegel]
In Long Beach, niggas’ll leave you melon gone
I aint a killer but im heated whenever this villain rome
Cuz you know, when in Rome
Some of you niggas is soft as a silicone
I be feeling ‘em, Im hard as if im finna bone
Don’t play with my doe, my fuse shorter than a gnome
Get placed in my trunk, that’s where my whip ceiling’s on
I give a fuck what you jot or say
You aint bout to fuck with me, I am not foreplay
You think you gutter, quit
Yall misdemeanor cats, cats with the demeanor of a miss
My ringer doesn’t miss, itll leave you under six
The earth be my clique, believe the words we’ll even stick up a bitch
Tell em play like exotic dancers, honey strip
Play like its third diamond inches and run the shit
Im on some nun shit, someone no ones fuckin with
A hundred guns, a hundred clips
Im never comin unequipped
Bitch my flow crack, come get high
Sweeter than pumpkin pie, dark as the sunless sky
My skuns??, they riddled minds
Like conundrums, I don’t like cops
So for pigs I brung the stock
I can grip and click a trigger
Way quicker, if Im feeling ya ring
Nigga play Jigga, run the rock (Roc)
Speaking of rocks, the ones I rock
Is the same color Paul Bunian’s ox
Im Paul Bunian’s size

[Julius Luciano]
Check it, yo, yo…
Ima black mac grippin tactician
A practician of a mass killin in an ass whippin craft listen
I plan missions, then execute, my weapons shoot
Create lead showers, bloody baptisms
Ima finna orphan your son, force a sword thru your neck
The air divorcing your lungs, stick a fork in your corpse and youre done
When Im vex, Im tell an S you’ll be morphin to hunds
Its war where Im from, you foreigners exploring the slums
Get hung, your taste buds get tore from your tongue
Spray snubs in a day slugs, ignorin the sun
To the floor niggas plunge
Im lunatic, truly a lunatic off
Unscrew the tip of my dome its fake and Im noodle-less
Futuristic computer chip in lieu of my medulla shit
Julius Luci sick, my thoughts are looney sense (loonie cents)
Teacher on some guru shit, ruthless rulership
Student sit and listen youre under tyrannical tutelage
Goons move in unison, my crews emits luminesce
Exuberance, consume the gloom
Soon to cause a lunar eclipse, tell the moon to quit
Get a glimpse, walk in the room exuding glit
We can play ball my crew’s equipped
I aint gotta shoot, pass two glocks to my two dudes
That’s to assist

[Demetrius Capone]
You know what I say? - This rap game...
The maniacal scientist iron fisted
Tyrant shit, Leviathan in Goliath’s image
I admit it, I invented the rhymes you try and mimic
Its like I was frozen by the science of cryogenics
A mix between a witch and a pick, cuz Im wicked and vicious
Rhymes in hieroglyphics rip shit
Defying scientific
Logic, Im a pirate mixed with a giant misfit
The sunshine I eclipse it
Try and diss this guy and click-click
Youre dying instantly or we can try and mix it
Now as the soul of Attila possesses me
And my clique feed me lyrical weaponry
Through mental telepathy, yes indeed
This is the part that’s more darker
I carve my sword sharper
A carnivore, the art of war author
I spar with four partners
Im fast as lightning, get your ass whooped twice
They call me Cashis Tyson
Im a life snatcher, I nine-eleven your flight
Dressed as a skycap, the terrorist highjack ya
Kamikaze attack you, come back from the life after
Possess an ink pen and ghostwrite chapters
Now let me consult my mental thesaurus
My mental’s a storage for an organized metaphor
That metamorphasized into a visible portrait
I paint lyrical thrillers
With syllables Im the first nigga serial killer
Archaic, hella ingenious
Serve you in every language from ancient tongues to regular English
I don’t just rip fellas to pieces
Female rappers should live a life of celibacy
They never should freak with a fella who eat chicks
Never settlin beef, squeeze the metal, you’ll meet with the Devil or Jesus
Check the records I buried MCs in the deserts of Egypt
And built pyramids over their skeleton using telekinesis
Thanks homie
Capone is Unbelieved, Female rappers should live a life of celibacy
They never should freak with a fella who eat chicks,Tell em
No lie though, Capone's last couple of bars was some of the craziest patterns I heard him do since 4 Headed Monster lol