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Full Version: K-Young feat. Crooked I - "Love Drunk" (Music Video)
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Quote:K-Young is currently promoting his brand new Keep Talking About Love (Deluxe Edition) digital EP. As the project continues to build momentum, the Treacherous Records and Magic Ink singer has unleashed a brand new music video to spread awareness.

K-Young's brand new music video Love Drunk, which features an appearance by Crooked I, is quite simply a visual masterpiece. The music video was directed by Roots Entertainment and literally takes viewers on a visual journey. The song itself has been a fan favorite since it's release and the video will surely attract additional attention. We encourage everyone to check it out by using the embedded video player.

If you haven't picked up the Keep Talking About Love (Deluxe Edition) EP, it is currently available for purchase through digital outlets. Additionally, fans who are interested in keeping up with K-Young can follow the singer on his official Twitter page.
Nice, cheers EFFex.

Hope you don't mind I copied and pasted the text on here for facebook like it was Diggy Simmons
No prob bro!
This video is private?
(08-02-2011, 03:39 PM)knowitsmet link Wrote:This video is private?

Hmm... That's strange. Check it out here -
Pretty sick video. Crooked actually had his cigar lit correctly this time haha
Dont know if we are watching the same video here, all together the video is a mess, very poorly done, only the Crooked scene was sick, proper music video footage, the rest was a complete mess.