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Full Version: Yukmouth feat. Crooked I & Ray J - I'm A Gangster
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New joint on Yukmouth's MySpace called "I'm A Gangster" with Crooked I & Ray J, produced by Slap Boyz!
Rip? Thanks in advance.


Produced by Slap Boyz and on Yukmouth's new album... Actually already posted in the Multimedia section.

whoa I really like this
they all killed it but Crooked
murdered and buried it!

cant wait for that cdq sound
"I'm in that new Boogotti it's a rental but hay, I'm still a boss cause it costs twenty thousand a day!
Money flow like a fountain, I got accountants to pay. I don't play for the Falcons, but I gotta house in the Ahhh!!!
What I do in the West, is what I do in the South. (YUK) we two of the best, now tell 'em who in the house!
CROOKED I - COB we purely bread, so many goons in the club got securety scared!
We got chicks poppin' polls like they champagne bottles. Lookin' like they Apple Bottom ad campaign models!
Mommy workin' wit sum ass make that thang wobble. Your back game is mmwahh. Your rap game bravo! (I KNOW!)
You should two step with me, not dance we two steps from the VIP!
Come chill have a drink with a G like me, and we gone leave that gettin silly up to V-I-C! G'ZZZ UP!!!"