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Full Version: One-2 Fans?
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I have heard a little bit of One-2 but I haven't heard a full project, can anyone recommend a mixtape/EP or whatever I should get???
One-2 is ill homie. He's definetly one of my favorite MC's ever. All of his projects are dope and you can get them all quickly in the projects section. However, if you just want one project to see if your feeling it or not. I'll give you a lil info on each project.

High School Dropout: Very raw project, He was young when he recorded it so it's not as crisp as his other projects but still one of my favorites. "One-On-One With One" is my personal favorite. Great mixtape, some people argue it's his best.
New Day New Money: Definetly my personal favorite. Alot of deep material on this and alot of great lyrical tracks. Good Girl Gone Wild Pt. 1 & 2 are incredible. 120 Bars of Fire, The Return, Shoot To Kill, Casanova. Definetly reccomended.
Uno: This is when he started to really figure out how to make complete songs, still alot of short tracks/freestyles though. Great mixtape.
The Leak: Just a compilation of alot of tracks that were scattered online, still alot of classic One-2 material.
Kabob & Vodka: Short mixtape where he is just spittin' some real shit. Great listen, it took me a few spins to really see how dope it is.
Microphone Montana: Just another compilation, alot of dope tracks.

If i were you i would just check out High School Dropout and New Day New Money. If you like those then just keep checking out his other projects. He's not as lyrical as Crooked or Horse Shoe Gang but he's still a lyrical dude and can put together great tracks. Songs like "Demons", "Seven Miles" "The Signs", "Know Who You Fuck With", "School This Dick" etc are all classic One-2. Hopefully this helped somewhat.
I'd definitely start w/

Uno, The Leak and Kabob & Vodka, all good mixtapes.