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Full Version: Vote For Komplex In Slim The Mobster Contest
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Quote:Treacherous Records' in-house producer Komplex has constructed the beats for some of Crooked I and the Circle of Bosses' hottest tracks. However, Komplex is also known for his incredible remixing ability and he's now taking it to the next level.

Slim The Mobster of Aftermath Entertainment has recently offered a contest to producers in which they remix his song Gun Play. Fans are then given the opportunity to vote on these remixes through the contest's web site. The top twenty finalists will be judged by Slim The Mobster, Dr. Dre and Sha Money XL. We are now asking all readers to check out Komplex's remix to the song and show their support by voting for it. Please visit the link included below to cast your vote.

If you are interested in learning more about Komplex, please visit the producer's official Twitter account. As usual, please continue to visit our site for additional news updates on Treacherous Records.