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Full Version: Official Slaughterhouse "welcome to: Our House" Thread (Now Available)
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Doubt it'll be July. My life video still isn't even out
We need an official word on the status of the album. We haven't heard about anything Slaughterhouse related since the UK tour. They can't leave the fans hanging like this...
The ALBUM is officially pushed back to August 28, 2012. There next single "Throw it Away" ft Swizz Beatz (Produced by Mr Porter) will be dropped this weekend.

P.S. I read that @Officiallyice leaked 30 sec snippet on joe budden blog tv couple days ago.
Officiall COVER
It looks like it will be another "Slaugust" lol
I was looking forward to listening to this in July..
But I guess there has been several good albums dropped this year to keep me occupied, so i can't really complain
This is good form a business standpoint and there buzz will be at an all time high after the next single.  I really wasn't feeling either single and neither one sold too well, hopefully they can receive at least gold status with the next single. My life sold under 100k as a single i believe and thats not a good sign.  I will be playing my new slaughterhouse album while playing madden it's gonna be a good month.
Here's a more detailed version. Enter the url in a different window and zoom in to see all of the small details ala the graffiti. Pretty dope.

[Image: my_house_final.jpg]
Yeah, I thought it was cool to see "COB" on there, lol
ortiz is the only one on the cover
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