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Full Version: Def Sounds Reviews One-2's "Destiny" Album
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Quote:The rap game has turned into middle class work. And when I say that it’s not with the intentions of bashing or discrediting any artist, but in the last 20 years Hip Hop has become over-saturated with artist; this along with the drastic decrease in album sales that has plagued the music industry since the birth of napster, and you get a Hip Hop industry where you’re favorite rapper probably doesn’t even make more then $100,000 a year, and that’s with a good album out. But if there is one thing this over-saturation has done, it has given fans a better ear for the music. The days of going to the record store and spending $20 on an album that ends up being garbage are over. Mixtapes, and illegal downloading sites make it to easy to access your favorite artist, so if people are paying for your album it’s either because you’re a really good artist, or you’re making music for the moment and the casual fan is eating it up. Let me be clear when I say this; One-2’s is not making music for the moment, we just may have something here.

Lyrics: 4.5/5

I’d like to be as clear as possible. This man can flat out R-A-P. There are some rappers who have a few one liners, others overwhelm with punch lines, some good, most not, but this man is a very strong mixture of both. He’s one of those artists that you listen to a remix just for his verse. His flow is similar to a multi-layered beat. It starts off slow, speeds up, changes directions, then calms to a natural pace, it works very well for him and makes it easy for the casual listener to get the full effect of his words. He has just enough vocabulary to give his music range, but they will not go over his listener’s heads.

Production: 4/5

One of the best parts of this album is the chemistry for all components. The production on Destiny was handled in full by Komplex, Treacherous Records in house producer. Some may groan about this but if the producer is talented (Which he is) it creates a perfect blend of vision and reality, because both the artist and producer know exactly how the album is supposed to sound. The production fits perfect for the mood of this album. Uno has such an engaging flow and delivery that even if a beat is not the most interesting, he it blends perfectly. Give that same beat to another rapper and you’ll probably turn the song off after 30 seconds of listening. This was obviously taken into consideration when they were going over the sound of this album, and every beat is curtailed to highlight One-2’s strengths. Some things just go together; in this case it’s the production. But on a side bar, I fear for any rapper whose beat he decides to jack, it will be a massacre. He takes a few chances on the production, and if fans have an open mind they will love it, but if not it could turn out ugly.

Songs: 3.5/5

I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t take me several listens of the entire album until I could come up with a fair grade of this section. One-2 is so damn talented lyrically it’s very simple to get lost in the bars and get none of the content. He follows the basic rapper album format, but on this occasion it’s not necessarily a bad thing. He kind of has a club joint, he has one for the streets, and of course a joint for the ladies. You can tell a lot from an artist by how interested you are in their work even when you know they’re doing the same thing that’s already been done. He’s an underdog and more then anything this album gives off the feel, but is it enough to seperate him from the pack of new rappers? That will be up to you as the fans to decide.

Conclusion:  4/5

If you’re looking for new music, checking out One-2’s is definitely an investment you will be very happy with. If you don’t believe me, wait until you hear him jack someone’s beat and annihilate it.
Good look for One-2.
it will definetly be worth the purchase! wish it could have more tracks but its all good!
yall heard the samples, sounds crazy!
I hope everyone supports this project. One-2 has given us A LOT of free music over the years. The least we could do is purchase a copy!
(01-28-2012, 03:21 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:I hope everyone supports this project. One-2 has given us A LOT of free music over the years. The least we could do is purchase a copy!