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Full Version: Post questions for One-2 interview!
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What's good everyone? Sorry for the last minute notice, but there is going to be a One-2 interview recorded tomorrow. We want everyone to participate by posting questions you would like to have answered. It'd be great if they relate to his upcoming album "Destiny" as it drops on Feb 7th. However, if there is something that you've always wanted to ask One-2, this is your chance! We'll make sure that Treacherous gets the questions in this thread. Thanks!
I'll kick it off by submitting these -

-How does it feel to be finally releasing the "Destiny" project after all the hard work over the years?
-Are you planning any additional music videos to accompany the project's release?
-Can fans look forward to any upcoming live shows?
-What do you and Treacherous have planned for the rest of 2012?
-What is the status on Xpand, we haven't heard too much about it recently.
2 things I wanted to know.

Will you put out a History LP as well?

Which do you prefer, PS3 or Xbox 360?
Wendys or Burger King
This is awesome! I've been wanting to post some questions for Uno for a while now. Hopefully this will be a video interview similair to the one PWT did with Crooked last year.

-Besides Destiny, what is your favorite project that you've released in your career?
-What is your favorite song off Destiny?
-How do you feel about being so underrated in the game? You're one of the dopest MC's right now but most people sleep on you.
-What are some of your favorite books?
-How do you write your music? In the studio, at home?
-When are you coming to Seattle? Ha! I doubt he'll answer that one but hopefully one day he'll come out here.

Shoutout to One-2! Easily one of my favorite MC's ever. So much relatable music that has changed my life and helped me in my life.  Any word on hard copies of "Destiny"?
-How does it feel to work with such a high caliber team of elite artists and producers?
-Will your debut album be available on a hard copy?
Hope so, because it would be real g to see your music on the shelves or selling them via internet orders. Lastly I would just  like to say thank you for all the audio crack. The realness becomes visual when I hear your music homie. Mad props to you and your crew. As always C.O.B. Eazzzy
-Since your from Glendale which do you prefer to go to, the Glendale Galleria or Americana?
Great questions so far guys, let's keep them coming!
off topic but wutever happened 2 the interview session with Kenny Siegel??
Not too sure, lol, thats a good question. Might have to ask PWT about that one.

Speaking of which, it might be interesting to get a little Treacherous interview series going. It'd be cool to have interviews for Komplex and K-Young for fans who aren't familiar with their stories.