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Full Version: K-Young Reveals "Unpredictable" Album Cover & Germany Concert
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[Image: k_young_unpredictable.jpg]

Quote:Earlier this month K-Young unveiled a brand new song that was previously planned to be pitched to R&B superstar Trey Songz. Interestingly enough, the song's title just happens to share the name of K-Young's next project.

K-Young unveiled the cover art to his brand new album Unpredictable through his official Twitter account this afternoon. The artwork was created by R Hustle Media and definitely offers a fresh look for the singer-songwriter. While details regarding the project are limited right now, we can only assume K-Young's recently released song which shares the same name will appear on the track list. As additional information becomes available we will be sure to update fans.

The Magic Ink and Treacherous Records star has also announced his plans to tour Germany later on this month. The show will take place in Hannover on March 31st and fans can obtain additional details in the flier included below.

[Image: kyoung_germany_concert_2012.jpg]