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Full Version: Official Treacherous Records "The Mint Room" Thread (Now Available)
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[Image: treacherous_the_mint_room_cover.jpg]

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Quote:In 2009 Treacherous Records released an underground classic titled Mick's Tape. Well, after much anticipation, the record label has finally released their follow up compilation.

Treacherous Records' The Mint Room is a fourteen track compilation featuring appearances by some of the hottest artists in the game. While it's expected that both the Circle of Bosses and Treacherous Records rosters appear on this project, several other talented artists joined the line up as well. Equally, an impressive list of producers such as Komplex, Tabu, Dae-One, the Pitchshifters and more joined the cast. We are confident that this project will serve as a soundtrack for the summer season and we ask fans show support.

While The Mint Room is available for purchase through digital retailers, it is also available as a free download on DJ If you have the means and enjoy the music, please make a purchase.

Track List

* = Exclusive

01) Dancin' On Your Grave - Crooked I & Brevi
02) Born Go Getta - Fashawn, Kobe, El Prez & Kenny Siegel
03) What You Call That?! - Quiz, Schoolboy Q, One-2 & Niqle Nut
04) Donnie Brasco - Ab-Soul, Fashawn & One-2
05) Outer Space - Kobe
06) Where I'm From - Horseshoe G.A.N.G.
07) Eastside Story - Crooked I & Tena Jones
08) New Day - Ca$his & K-Young
09) Dirty Raps - Omara Aura, Dnez & KareLezz
10) Dubs Up - One-2 & Horseshoe G.A.N.G.
11) Good Times - K-Young, Dae-One, Iceman & Ill Camille
12) Eskimo Brothers - One-2 & El Prez
13) Bars - Mykestro, Coniyac & Dice Deniro
14) Back In The Days - Jay Rock & K-Young*

Purchase -

Free -
(04-03-2012, 08:33 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:Earlier today Mickey from Treacherous Records posted the names to several tracks followed by the hash tag "The Mint Room" today on Twitter. When I asked about it, he confirmed it's regarding an upcoming project. Possibly in the style of his "Mick's Tape" album? We'll see...

Here are the songs he posted, perhaps a partial tracklist -

One-2 & Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - "Dubs Up" (prod. by Komplex)
Fashawn, Kobe, El Prez & Kenny Siegel - "Money" (prod. by Komplex)
Quiz, Schoolboy Q, Niqle Nut & One-2 - "What You Call That?"
Ab Soul, Fashawn & One-2 - "Donnie Brasco"
Crooked I & Tena Jones - "Eastside Story"
Dice Deniro, Coniyac & Mykestro - "Bars"

What do you guys think? According to comments from a few different COB members, the project sounds like it's going to be crazy.

fuck yea more Horse Shoe GANG!
Micks Tape was a fucking dope album!!! To this day I bump that shit. I've no doubt Mickey will put together another dope compilation...fuck im excited for that shit now (pause)
Yeah i saw this! Definetly anticipating this, Mick's Tape was dope! All the tracks that have been mentioned seem like they would be phenomenal.
thats cool couple of fashawn features,  now they just need a couple of kendrick lamar
Updated the thread with album cover.
Definitely looking forward to that Crooked and Tena Jones track. Think she did a great job on the choruses of "Tears Tumble" and "Where Did We Go Wrong" for One-2
TBH the only track that interests me is "Eastside Story"
(05-19-2012, 09:09 PM)Hood R.A.T. link Wrote:TBH the only track that interests me is "Eastside Story"

Wait... so you even aren't interested in HSG or One-2??
any word on the release date?