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Full Version: Crooked I - Hood Star (w/ Death Row Full Pardon Sampler)
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here is Crooked I-Hood Star in mp3 format

I will upload the entire sampler in the original .wav format later on, enjoy this shit is dope .....peace

this is gonna be the start of something beautiful if all goes well ;D

EDIT:here is the full sampler, all 3 tracks in the original format, Petey Pablo-Pay For the Pussy, Danny Boy-Do what you do, and of course the crooked i-hood star joint, enjoy ya'll
cheers Smile

where have i hear that line about mat damon before?
Good man!

Many props for this we all appreciate it!
appreciate it!
What does the packaging look like any chance of some scans or photos?
That Matt Damon line is from the Wake Up Show freestyle if you're wondering.
isn't it from the creased khaki flow song
(04-18-2009, 03:22 PM)ogtripleg87 link Wrote: [ -> ]isn't it from the creased khaki flow song

Dope song
haven't listened yet but Props
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