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Full Version: Fantasy Supergroup, who would you put together?
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If you had a chance to put together a group of any 4 Artists, living or not, who would you like to hear.

Mac Dre, Crooked, Tupac & Jon Connor

Hit me back, Sutt Suuuuutt.
drake, nas, crooked, eminem.  If i had to cut someone it would be eminem for maybe killer mike or bun b or andre. just to get the south in there somewhere.

3/4 guys are capable of releasing albums.
Women love drake and eminem has a lot of fans basically the 2 most popular in the group= cha-ching cha-ching.

nas/crook/eminem= all can rap about grown man raps/intro perspective/political rap
crook= brings gangsta/westcoast rap
nas= brings eastcoast lyrical stuff
crooked and eminem= depressive emo shit
drake= club bangers and hooks.