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Full Version: Official Slaughterhouse "House Rules" Thread (Now Available)
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kilt it. like alwayz
(05-22-2014, 06:00 PM)Snake Eyez link Wrote:I wasn't feelin "On The Struggle" much... but Crooked definitely stood out on every posse cut with his bars

it is a dope song that feels like it's missing something
Just gave it a quick listen and sounds like a great mixtape. Downloading this right now.
This mixtape dropped out of nowhere. Just days before it dropped, I was thinkin - Man, I havent heard anything from slaughter since that wack ass album! I mean it had couple of good tracks and crooked's classic ''die'' verse on there, but most of it just sounded like they were trying to sell out.
  On the other hand, The On the house mixtape is still on my daily rotation, Id say its by far my fav mixtape, tho its sad that they didnt put Gone or Who I am on the album (guess they couldnt clear the dead presidents sample?), cause those tracks were more than amazing.
  Now when this dropped, it lighted up my whole week. Days prior to the release I was so stressed out cause I had the 2 biggest tests of the year at the university in a matter of few days. When I saw this came out I was so relieved, I just chilled, found confidence and concentration I never had and killed those tests. I was listening to the new tape with a smile on my face not beliving Im hearing brand new slghtrs material.  8)

And that Off Shore track, almost brought a tear into my eye. Fucking beautiful.

''I was opening up a can of spam putting ketchup on fake meat
Still thankful though cause so many hungry nights I ate sleep
Talking to my cousin before I dropped him off in grape street
He said: Crook who we gotta kill to get you a Dre beat!?''

''Industry don't want a real nigga to creep in, fuck it ima' sneak in
And fuck going back to that book store I used to sleep in
My homie let me stay on Saturday and Sunday I used to be homeless like the weekend
Same three outfits switching them shits till the week ends
Drowning in my sorrows drinking till I'm sinking in the deep end
Made myself a promise ima' be the one in the end
With these rehabilitation bars ima' clean 'em up with the pen''
"Offshore" Is in my top 10 Slaughterhouse tracks. All 4 of them killed it, Crooked and Budden will always be my 2 favorite MC's of all time. From 2008-2010 I pretty much listened to nothing but those 2. In 2014 they're still spilling their heart out on tracks. Royce and Joell had nice verses too. Overall a very solid tape.
when are Slaughterhouse dropping ther new album? Wink
Haven't seen any news on the new album in a long time. Probably shelved?
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