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Full Version: Crooked I was at the Joe Budden vs Hollow battle tonight
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Total Slaughter = Total Failure

first off the mics never worked so each round had a fucking annoying sound check, second the crowd was HORRIBLE  --- fucking GARBAGE ass crowd. 

loaded lux vs murda mook was the best battle and arsonel went off in his battle.  daylyt ruined the event by stripping to his underwear in his 3rd round.  horrible.  disgrace.

now on to budden vs hollow  i say budden won the first round  hollow 2nd and the last round neither deserved to win      budden should've asked Canibus to battle instead.
I personally feel that Joe should have been given the W, but I'm a little biased, lol.

I'm not a big fan of battle rap though. I'd rather listen to a good written song or well thought out and thought provoking lyrics. I don't really like acapella either. I APPRECIATE it and understand the skills that are involved in it, but I prefer a more well rounded artist.

Either way, Joe didn't have anything to lose. He got exposure from the event and that's what's important.
there was unreliable comments made on hhdx supposedly from people who went to the battle. And they said the reason why the crowd was shit is because the sound was shit.  they couldn't hear anything.  I watched it from ustream and i couldn't hear anything lux was saying.  With that said. After  following battle rap for quite a while and majority of the battles taking place in new york. wow no one dick rides new york harder than new york holy shit. what a horrible crowd.    There has been times mostly the url battles where the crowd just ruins the whole battle.  If the lines go over their heads and they boo then thats dumb thats why we can't be watching the battles off crowd reactions. I couldn't hear everything lux was saying i'm hoping to hear the high quality but the crowd probably didn't get the lines at all but most of mooks punches were clear and he went hard too.  Close battle.

As for the hollow vs joe battle it went. it went how i thought it would.  Hollow took the tahiry angle and he had a strong 1,2 rounds. And joe took the "i have more money, more famous than you angle.

To be honest joey didn't look too bad at all. He looked like he hasn't battled in a very long time.  Couple of mistakes I thought that made him look like a noob was every punchline that got a reaction he would repeat that line. it almost like he was rapping on stage.  And the whole stopping battling cause of the boos. He should just kept going.  overall I agree it was 1 hollow, 1 joey.

The 4 road to total slaughterhouse episode i thought was entertaining but you right the whole  even was a fail.  It almost felt like a test run or something or maybe a one off.  They are not starting their own league to compete with KOTD and url.  It really may just be a one off thing.  After the battles everyone walked off stage. No thanking the fans, the sponsors, and there was no hint of glass house or anything.  I was hoping for some announcement about the album.  Maybe they will  have a TS2.  And hopefully have eminem make an appearance.  it would be nice to see some high profile artists as well like meek mill vs cassidy or something.

as for daylyt,  I don't know why he did what he did. someone had to go explaining what he did on his twitter it was all spawn shit.  I get what he is trying to do but it's like who will book this dude, they trying to go mainstream and yo go and strip and stuff smh.  It sucks because his early battles with locksmith, lotta zay and  head ice. when he tries, he actually has bars and pretty sick.

is their a video of this newhere?
I personally thought Joe 2-1 Hollow. Sure, Joe Budden was acting like a baby when the crowd was booing him, he should of just waited for it to pass and continue a G. You got to take those boos and not act like a bitch putting down the mic. I think that's what made the judges lean towards Hollow more, because he didn't have a strong finish. You got to start strong...which he did and you got to end the battle strong, in this case...he did not. Better luck next time, if there is a next time. 8)

Btw here is a link to the batttle:
Budden won on rhymes and lost on antics.