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Full Version: Official KXNG CROOKED "Sex, Money & Hip Hop" Thread (Now Available)
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[Image: crookedi_sex_money_hiphop_mixtape_cover.jpg]

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Quote:After much anticipation, KXNG CROOKED's brand new mixtape Sex, Money & Hip Hop is officially available for purchase through SMH Records. The project contains twenty-one brand new tracks including the song Total Slaughter which features an appearance by the Slaughterhouse four-headed monster. Additional appearances include artists such as the Horseshoe Gang, Emanny and Novel as well as production by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Rick Rock and DJ King Tech.

KXNG CROOKED and SMH Records are offering fans a pure "mixtape experience" on this project as it only exists in a hard copy format. While some will question this "throwback" approach in an almost exclusively digital era, Crooked explains that this mixtape is a collector's item and should be perceived as art. Fans who purchase the project are asked not to upload copies online in order to honor a time when mixtapes were more cherished.

Fans who are interested in purchasing the mixtape have several options available as both standard edition and limited edition bundles can be ordered. Furthermore, KXNG CROOKED understands that Hip Hop collectors try to keep their CD's in mint condition. As a result, he is showing his gratitude by automatically upgrading early orders to two copies for the price of one. Readers are encouraged to head over to SMH Records' official store to review their options.

Track List

1. Intro [Prod.Dominick Wickliffe]
2. Fallen Rap Gods [Prod. Big Blazz & Sarah J]
3. Life After Death Row (Interlude) [Prod. Dominick Wickliffe]
4. Sick Of Being Broke feat. Emanny [Prod. Pryme, Keyz & Sarah J]
5. No Plan B [Prod. Audio Jones & Sarah J]
6. Prometheus [Prod. Ryan Ru & Sarah J]
7. God Bless The Kxng [Lavish & Sarah J]
8. Freestylin' Under Oath [Prod. Tabu]
9. Sauce Got Rules (Interlude) feat. Sauce Tha Boss [Prod. Dominick Wickliffe]
10. Hardest In The Game [Prod. Big Blizz & Sarah J]
11. Drum Murder Part 2 feat. Horseshoe Gang [Prod. Aktive]
12. Barbara Bush feat. Sir Doobie & Barbara Bush [Prod. Rogue Regime & Sarah J]
13. Groupie feat. Shale [Prod. Jonathan Hay & Mike Smith]
14. Martian Pussy feat. Sir Doobie & Siri [Prod. Rick Rock]
15. The Originals feat. Bo-Roc [Prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
16. Know Thy Self [Prod. Big Blizz, Chysty & Sarah J]
17. Lift Me Up feat. Novel [Prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
18. Move Like A G Do [Prod. Brainstorm & Sarah J]
19. If I Die [Prod. Montage & Sarah J]
20. Total Slaughter feat. House Gang [Prod. Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith & Aktive]
21. Make Way For The Kxng [Prod. Chris Noxx & Sarah J]

Executive Producers: KXNG CROOKED, Mike Smith and Jonathan Hay
Engineering & Mixing: Isaac "Iceman" Romero
Additional Mixing: DJ King Tech, Ajami, Jonathan Hay & Mike Smith
Mastered By: DJ King Tech
Artwork: James "Jaycee" Cail & Sabrina Hale


[Image: xaamc.jpg]
drop this shit asap

people arent craving crooked i music like they used to  its a shame
we're dying out here Crook... send us a lifeline homie
I'm just glad that the only announcement wasn't one shot, it's a good look for Crooked but not something I'm interested in, an album however is something I won't turn down
Even with no crook/slaugterhouse album this year.  We are still hopefully getting Royce and DJ premier collab album.  we got joell ortiz album.  we are getting that ras kass and apollo brown collab album as well as Run the jewels part 2 with killer mike and el-p. plus you have t.i and game and quik dropping later this year. plus 2k15 drops next week too.  there is still a lot of good music dropping this year even if crook doesn't release anything to hold use over. it . just reallly sucks if you only listen to crook and nothing else tho. 
Just a minor update, the project is still on the way -


(11-11-2014, 08:57 AM)EFFeX link Wrote:Just a minor update, the project is still on the way -



Is this another mixtape or an album then?
The title killed whatever anticipation I had.
According to his latest instagram post, it's coming tomroow. But also why is he kxng Crooked?
New mixtape / street album is dropping on December 16th!
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