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Full Version: Eminem, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf - "Shady CXVPHER" (Music Video)
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Quote:Eminem and Shady Records will release the Shady XV compilation on November 24th. While fans await the project's arrival, the camp has released a promotional cypher to the Internet. The Shady CVXPHER features Eminem, Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf delivering deadly acapellas from each of their respective cities. Fans will be quoting this one for a long time as the Syndrome directed music video is an indisputable classic. Those who are interested in checking the cypher out can stream it on Eminem's official Vevo page.
Love how Crook had his brothers with him, and more COB members with him. That was dope
KXNG CROOKED murked that shiiid. I just wish he had 8 minutes to switch up patterns & flows like EMIN3M did. The rest of them were straight.
Double Suutt