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Full Version: Official Treacherous C.O.B. "The Mint Room 2" Thread (Now Available)
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[Image: themintroom2_album_cover.jpg]

Quote:After much anticipation, the follow up to Treacherous C.O.B's Mint Room compilation has been made available for download. The Mint Room 2 offers fourteen brand new records which feature appearances by the label's entire in-house roster of artists including KXNG CROOKED, Horseshoe Gang, K-Young, One-2 and Niqle Nut. Listeners can also look forward to hearing new music from several other talented artists including Fashawn, Ya Boy, El Prez and Raven Sorvino to name a few. This project is proof that the West Coast is alive and well with a multitude of talented artists paving the way forward. Those who are interested in hearing the project can download a copy exclusively through 2DopeBoyz and DJBooth.

Track List:

1. Welcome To California - Ya Boy, Rich Rocka, Quiz, Mitchy Slick & Tray Dee
Production: Aktive

2. Mr. I Don't Give A Fuck - KXNG CROOKED & Bridge
Production: Jonathan Elkaer

3. Same Ol' Thing - K-Young, Horseshoe
Gang & One-2
Production: Tabu

4. Something About Mary - K-Young, One-2, Fashawn & El Prez
Production: Soulstarzmuseeq

5. C.O.B. (Cash Over Bitches) - Niqle Nut & One-2
Production: Komplex

6. Back Against The World - One-2, K-Young & Horseshoe Gang
Production: Tabu

7. I Used To Love Him - Lyric Jones & Ill Camille
Production: Jansport J

8. On The Low - Niqle Nut
Production: Soulstarzmuseeq

9. Lifestyle Freestyle - Raven Sorvino
Production: Aktive

10. Lets Party - K-Young, One-2 & Demrick
Production: Dae One

11. Curtains Closed - Bridge, One-2 & Roc Stedy
Production: Tabu

12. On My Mind - K-Young & Niqle Nut
Production: Tabu

13. Lost - K-Young, Tim West & One-2
Production: Tabu

14. This Is Life - KXNG CROOKED, One-2 & K-Young
Production: Mike Cash

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Update: Track List & Release Date Added!
(04-07-2015, 07:22 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:Update: Track List & Release Date Added!

Ya Boy and Rich Rocka are the same person
Looking forward to this project too!
Now available for download!
Disappointing project, I was expecting much more from it as a whole as well as Crooked, HSG and K-Young. Shame Tim West only got one slot on the tracklist, his verse was one of the best on the tape. One-2 was dope as usual.  Niqle Nut is extremely wack and should NEVER touch a mic again, let alone be affiliated with such lyricists as C.O.B. as a whole movement, everything he drops is garbage.
This is a pretty dope project, I was hoping for some more Horse Shoe Gang but One-2 is all over this project which is cool with me since he hasn't released to much new music lately. Overall, pretty solid compilation though. "Lost" is easily my favorite song, very relatable.
Finally got around to listening to this today. Not bad at all. I did prefer the first compilation, though. Songs I like are 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 14. At times it almost sounds like a K Young album featuring rappers and the Crooked I songs are not that great. Still better project than most of what's out there at the moment in my opinion.