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Full Version: Keith Whitley feat. KXNG CROOKED & Truth Ali - "Don't Close Your Eyes" (Remix)
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Quote:KXNG CROOKED's powerful record Ashamed recently appeared on SMH Records When Music Worlds Collide compilation. Now, Crooked's verse from the song is being used to pay tribute to country music's Keith Whitley who passed over twenty five years ago. The late singer, who hailed from Kentucky, would have celebrated his 60th birthday today. Recently, music producer Jonathan Hay has remixed Whitley's song Don't Close Your Eyes with verses from both KXNG CROOKED and Truth Ali. Hay explained to in a new interview that because Whitley struggled with alcoholism, Crook's verse about his own battle compliments the song perfectly. Fans who are interested in hearing the record can stream it online now or purchase it on the TIDAL exclusive album The Urban Hitchcock LP which drops on August 4th.