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Full Version: KXNG CROOKED, Truth Ali, Erik Tandy & The Reasn - "#AxlRose"
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Quote:As KXNG CROOKED continues to prepare for the release of his upcoming project Statik KXNG, the Circle of Bosses' commander and chief has brand new music for the streets. The new record #AxlRose, which is not attached to the aforementioned project, is a response to Guns N' Roses' lead singer and his song One In A Million. The song, which was released in 1988, is a collection of hateful comments which range from racism to homophobia. Due to his own experiences with police brutality and racism, KXNG CROOKED has teamed up with Truth Ali, Erik Tandy and The Reasn to voice their opinions. This powerful record, which is produced by Jonathan Hay and Ajami, can be streamed online now for fans to experience.