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Full Version: KXNG CROOKED Prepares "Dead Or In Jail" Single
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Quote:KXNG CROOKED and Statik Selektah are gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated collaborative album Statik KXNG which is set to drop in the near future. While we await the project's arrival, a brand new single has been announced to hold fans over and spread awareness. On November 26th, the new song Dead Or In Jail will be made available online through Complex. Be sure to show support for the new record by giving it a spin while you celebrate Thanksgiving this year.
bout fuckin time
cant wait, hopefully we'll get this and HSG album before chrimbo now THIS is what the fuck I'm talking about!!!!!!!! Fuego!!!
is that right? the release date Feb next year?
The single is pretty good...smooth shit... homie may never be able to get that cross over kind of shine he deserves though, the content is too racially fueled... mothafuckaz would rather push bullshit like Macklemore's "Downtown" or some new Weezy
man fuck that cross over shine you can make tons of money and get more accolades keeping it hip hop as fuck royce finally seems to have figured that out with PRhyme.. Look at Joey Bada$$! Or Action Bronson (other than that major label release but that was well after he blew up).. Roc Marciano is another one.. And countless other classic artist who tour the world extensively getting paid! Freddie Gibbs put out Piñata rhyming over Madlib joints and it was hailed a classic lol.. I don't get why these rappers/fans can't see the connection.. that's why Statik Kxng got me excited in the first place because it's not going to be some cross over type shit.. When WTOH dropped people on here were too scared to be honest and say out sucked and it sucked cuz it was some goofy eminem pop shit.. Fast forward to now and I'm pretty sure I've heard all 4 members of SH themselves say they didn't like the album's direction.. Yes I realize I'm ranting it just kills me that Crooked is finally rapping over 90's style hip hop beats and fans are marginalizing it down to him not achieving "cross over kind of shine".. I say fuck it ride that real hip hop shit out and die a legend like Sean P!!!! (another successful emcee who never did anything for the mainstream btw)
I agree with the post above. I would rather Crooked deliver content that he feels comfortable with at this point of his career rather than conform. However, I don't think that "selling out" or even conforming is what Snake Eyez was getting at in his post. I think he meant just recognized universally for his talent. The truth is though that Crook is a legend at this point and he's recognized in the circles that matter. He's been able to stay in the game this long because even though his music is raw, the average joe can still relate to the content. It's honest. I'm looking forward to Statik KXNG, should be a solid project.
Yeah, man.. Apostle P..  I down with everything that you're saying in your post, but EFFeX has me right.  I don't necessarily want Crook to bow down, conform and sell out... I'm just tryin' to see a breakthrough track at some point that elevates his status with the fans.  I'm also really anxious for that one Crooked project that is a full length album of some sort that actually can come close in terms of quality to the level of bars and hype this man used to have at points of his career.  I refuse to accept Apex Predator as "the album" dudes waited 15 years for...
nothing special.... its good I guess now I listened to it a few more times... just rather him go harder... seems to only ever put in 110% now days if its with slaughterhouse... but I spose that's got something to do with not being "hungry" anymore