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Full Version: who killed Slaughterhouse?
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it doenst look like they are ever dropping a 3rd album anytime soon
my money would be on interscope and/or shady records
I'm not entirely sure as to what is going on with them. I can only read between the lines, but it always seems that Crooked is still interested in the project. However, based on comments I've read over the last year or so, it appears that there is some kind of internal conflict. I'm not saying "beef", but maybe a business dispute or difference of opinion? I'd love to see at least one final project if Slaughterhouse isn't on the anymore.
Can't find it in the archive on here... but in the reaction thread posted for the last SH album here, I predicted they would not release another album on Shady... and likely nothing else period... I am still disgusted that it was prophecy, because I wanted another project still, one that I could consider worthy of being "the album" that we were really wanting since the group initially formed.

I interpret it similar to EFFEX above me.. except more than just a difference of opinion or direction, I think there was some underlying issues with the creative control and the lack of support from the regime. And anytime Just Blaze becomes involved with anything, the writing is on the wall... your shit is shelved and never coming out... or delayed an eternity (i.e. Saigon, Jay Electronica)

When I say creative control.... I'm looking at whatever the fuck formula they were trying to cook up for these guys to be successful when they put together the past couple of projects... and when I say lack of support... I'm looking at the lack of resources (hello, producers? features?). Eminem will record you a verse for your Rihanna or Drake featured track, shit even whack ass Big Sean can get Em on his shit I guess now. But you can barely get him to breathe on the microphone and take a photo with you if you are signed to *HIS* label.

One Em feature on a hot track, stop fucking with B-list production, and release shit on time...

Signing with Shady was supposed to open doors to a lot of these avenues for these guys to break into the mainstream in some way. The closest they came was the BET Shady 2.0 Cypher.

Now we sit back and wait to see how their newest signee will fare... I'm not really feelin' WestsideGunn... they seem like the likely candidate to follow in every other Shady artists' failure and frustration over the past decade plus of it's existence.