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Full Version: Official KXNG CROOKED - "Good Vs. Evil 2" Thread (Now Available)
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After much anticipation, the follow up to KXNG CROOKED’s politically and socially driven opus has been released to the masses. Good Vs Evil II: The Red Empire is the sequel to the 2016 album that not only grabbed the attention of the Hip Hop community, but the entire country as well.

On the second installment to this series, Crooked continues to fight the good fight and touch on important topics such as racism, social injustice and classism. While certain views may be perceived as controversial, such as the cover artwork, Crook is using the project to spark conversation. There is no doubt that he has achieved his goal based on the massive response by fans across social media platforms.

This album proves that not only can rappers create powerful and meaningful content, but they can produce some bangers while doing so. Those who are interested in purchasing a copy of this pivotal project can do so through any digital music retailer.

Track List

1) Wake Up Show Intro feat. Sway & King Tech
2) The MAGA Continues (Prod. by Lavish)
3) Red Hood’s Plot (Hahahaha) (Prod. by Lavish)
4) GiveUDatHammer (Prod. by Aktive)
5) Revolution Come feat. Jai (Prod. by Snaz)
6) Truth (Why You Mad) feat. Royce 5’9” (Prod. by C-Wash)
7) Shoot Back 2 (Dear Officer) (Prod. by Jay Wash)
8) Adderall Addicts (Prod. by C-Wash)
9) Cowboy Bebop (Prod. by Illeagle)
10) Thug Poetry feat. Jay Townsend (Produced By Snaz)
11) City Lights (Prod. by ENG)
12) Brainwashed Ni666a (Prod. by Audio Jones)
13) Stand feat. Styles P & Emanny (Prod. by Lavish)
14) Mace Windu (Prod. by MR Authentic)

Purchase: Good Vs Evil II: The Red Empire (iTunes | Amazon)

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cautious optimism.

GvE1 was not an album that lived in my rotation very long and I honestly don't revisit it at all lately either... I like the angle Crook has taken with these projects under the current landscape as far as being political and awake for racial inequality... but the music has to be better.

IDC what your message is, if the music is boring and you falsify your features like GvE1 (ahem, Eminem)

As usual... homies' "freestyles" over mainstream beats back in March/April were his hottest shit past two years..
That new track he just premiered on Mass Appeal I think that’s called “The MAGA Continues” is bonkers. That’s the Crook I like to hear
Project is available. think new HSG is out too
Support the new album!
Some great tracks on this

2) The MAGA Continues (Prod. by Lavish)
5) Revolution Come feat. Jai (Prod. by Snaz)
6) Truth (Why You Mad) feat. Royce 5’9” (Prod. by C-Wash)
7) Shoot Back 2 (Dear Officer) (Prod. by Jay Wash)
8) Adderall Addicts (Prod. by C-Wash)
9) Cowboy Bebop (Prod. by Illeagle)
10) Thug Poetry feat. Jay Townsend (Produced By Snaz)
I'm definitely feeling this one a lot more than the first project. While the first album was powerful with it's content, I just enjoy the second album's songs more overall. I think that this album proves that you can have meaningful lyrics and messages while delivering songs that make you want to keep them in rotation.
I second that. Just by listening to snippets I can tell I will enjoy this one more than I did last years. Hard copies are available too, definitely copping together with Ems new project next week.
my fav tracks:

Maga Continues
Revolution Come
Shoot Back 2
Adderall Addicts
Cowboy Bebop
Mace Windu

Project has grown on me much more over the past week that I've been playing it consistently along with the new HSG, new Ras, new Statik.

First couple times through I was not blown away by any means but I am really feelin some of these tracks now. Like Dimos said above me, some of these really feature the Crooked I that I've always fucked with over these years with his hard flows but he is on point with a lot of the gems regarding shit going on in society right now.

I honestly wish the project was longer (no deluxe?) and I still think the production, while better than GvE 1, still could be a lot better if he was willing (and able) to invest more into the production line-up. When you look at the production credits it's like "who the fuck are these guys?" And some of the shit I think I could've looped on my old Casio board circa '96

I'm satisfied with the project for the content and getting some real shit from my favorite MC.. but I'm still waitin for that Magnum Opus project, Crook. The one we were hyped to be gettin' back in 2008 homie.
For me, BOTH albums are dope and both stay in rotation. I like to keep listening because i constantly find new jewels on it... City Lights is genius because its talking about the fires burning while the city is... hence City Lights... Thug poetry is FLY as hell. I did a review of GVE1. The songs on GVE1 and GVE2 follow a story.....There may be one or two songs that aren't 5 stars but thats only because I think there should have been some artists from COB on it. On GVE1, there were songs I felt deserved Cobstas like Karelezz, One2, and HSG on. Same as this album. I would have loved to hear Karelezz on Cowboy BeBop(GVE2) and on Intergalatic Hustlin(GVE2). My love of both albums may simply be due to the fact that I come from the first generation of Black Panther members children(71). So when I listen to it, its like a movie about revolution. Its like Wretched of the Earth musically. If I were to give it a rating, it would be 4.8. Only because i wanted to hear some COBstas on it.....