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add a "new posts" button - wheelchair-jimmy - 08-18-2009

like the one @ jbtv.. Its most likely an option in your menu. I just find it easier to click that button then having to click on each section. I don't think anybody would mind it.

Re: add a "new posts" button - dalj93 - 08-18-2009

hows about clicking view unread posts at the top ^^^^^

Re: add a "new posts" button - Akademic - 08-18-2009

Yeah right at the top, under "What's good <<your name>>?" is the view unread posts button.  It's easy to miss, but it's up there.

Re: add a "new posts" button - [COB] - 08-18-2009

yeah i was baffled at first wonderign where that was. if it were more prominent itd be better IMO

Re: add a "new posts" button - THEREALCOB - 08-18-2009

jimmys already improving this forum.

Re: add a "new posts" button - effex - 08-18-2009

We already have one, it's "View Unread Posts" below where you check your private messages.

The only reason I put it there was because that's similar to the location that the Dynasty Online Community had it. I wanted the transition to be easy. However, I put it below the welcome message for aesthetics.