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Iceman Concert @ "The Hub" (04/14/10) - effex - 04-02-2010


[Image: icemanflyer2.jpg]

Quote:Despite a busy schedule of engineering for Treacherous Records, hosting battles and recording his own music, Iceman of the C.O.B. family is booked to headline his own performance this month.

On Wednesday April 14th, Iceman will be performing live at Audies Olympic in Fresno, California. Iceman will be joined on stage by artists such as Devan B, Dopeman and PG. The venue will open it's doors at 9:00PM and charge fans a mere $3.00 for entry. We encourage everyone who lives in the area and respects real Hip Hop to come out and support this show.

If you are unfamiliar with Iceman's past work, please check our music and news archives for past updates. Additionally, please follow Iceman on his official Twitter account for further details. As always, please keep your browsers pointed to The B.O.S.S. Board for future updates.

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Re: Iceman Concert @ "The Hub" (04/14/10) - effex - 04-14-2010

Don't forget, the show is tonight!

Shirts available @ the show:

Re: Iceman Concert @ "The Hub" (04/14/10) - effex - 05-07-2010

Here's a snippet of Iceman's performance last month...


Re: Iceman Concert @ "The Hub" (04/14/10) - 509 Finest - 05-07-2010

(05-07-2010, 01:51 AM)EFFeX link Wrote:Here's a snippet of Iceman's performance last month...


That crowd was into this!!! Iceman got some good fans!