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Joe Budden - "Inception" - PublicEnemyNo2 - 10-16-2010

Now not on MM4.


Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - OttawaCOB - 10-17-2010


The first opening 3 lines... he shat on all of young money and drake.
"lets warm it up...microwave"
"its about to get hot...summer"
"i dunno if they ready for"
Ah man he said it soo sarcastically, it made me ROFL!

I can't believe this did not make it to MM4, he absolutely killed this ! Basically dissed everyone in the industry who uses weak ass punchlines. God dam, that was one brilliant track. First off, he didn't even use a hip hop beat, he used a soundtrack from a movie FFS !!!! Now that in itself is hard to pull off and then he pulled off this hilarious concept of punking off all these pussy ass rappers ....WELL DONE JOEY

"the flow’s so relentless, fuck CD’s it should be sold in syringes"

Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - EPISCOP CVRLE - 10-17-2010

AMAZING  ??? ???

Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - Akademic - 10-17-2010

link down...

Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - OttawaCOB - 10-17-2010

(10-17-2010, 12:23 PM)Akademic link Wrote:link down...

Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - xterminator14 - 10-17-2010

DAAAAAAAMN !!! Crooked needs to spit on this fo sho .... !!!

Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - 509 Finest - 10-17-2010

Fire!!! All i've been listening to lately is Joe Budden, cant wait for Mood Muzik 4.

Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - Akademic - 10-17-2010

(10-17-2010, 12:35 PM)OttawaCOB link Wrote:[quote author=Akademic link=topic=4716.msg278746#msg278746 date=1287332581]
link down...

Much appreciated!  +1

Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - anita_job - 10-18-2010

SH and Em need to get on a dramatic sounding beat like this. This is like Intro part II...

Re: Joe Budden - "Inception" - Dj Composer - 10-18-2010

had this shit on repeat since i heard it haha too sick, dopest beat with a raw ass flow!! #SLAUGHTERTAKEOVER?