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Iceman Battle @ "Club Trip" (12/11/10) - effex - 12-03-2010


Quote:In November the Circle of Bosses' Iceman announced his plans to release a new project titled Beyond The Boards. While fans await the project's release, Iceman is preparing to make his return to the California battle circuit.

On December 11th, Iceman will participate in the LA Riot 4 battle in Los Angeles, California. The Grind Time West, Assault & Battling and Karma Loop Codes presented event is scheduled to take place at Club Trip. Among the twenty match-ups, Iceman's fans can look forward to his his highly anticipated battle against Aspect 1. Additional artists who are scheduled to perform include Base One, Caustic, Knowledge Medina, 808 MC, Konsept, Sindro and several others. Those who are interested in attending the event can check out the included flyer for additional details.

If you would like to learn more about Iceman and his music, please check out the emcee's official Twitter page. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates.

[Image: icemanlariot42010.jpg]

Re: Iceman Battle @ "Club Trip" (12/11/10) - blackout - 12-03-2010

grind time?

ohshit, that's the fiercest pre-written battle circuit going these days....Ice better come hard.

AND he better bringatleast 20 dudes for the crowd to cheer for him lol

Re: Iceman Battle @ "Club Trip" (12/11/10) - effex - 12-03-2010

Yeah man, Iceman going to do his thing!

Re: Iceman Battle @ "Club Trip" (12/11/10) - 509 Finest - 12-08-2010

Hopefully he posts the video of this battle on his YouTube.

Re: Iceman Battle @ "Club Trip" (12/11/10) - effex - 12-11-2010

Don't forget to show support for Iceman tonight if you are in the area! #COB

Re: Iceman Battle @ "Club Trip" (12/11/10) - iceman7270 - 12-12-2010

The battles was dope!! I killed it! and Horse Shoe & Advice was in the building holding C.O.B down with me!