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K-Young Performance @ "Cabana Club" In Hollywood (01/21/11) - effex - 01-20-2011


Quote:In September of 2010, K-Young released his critically acclaimed digital EP Keep Talking About Love. The Treacherous Records and Magic Ink R&B sensation is continuing to grind in 2011 and is kicking off the year with a special event.

On January 21st, K-Young will perform live on stage at the Cabana Club in Hollywood, California. The Runway Fridays presented show will feature additional performances by Black Wall Street's XO and Kanary Diamonds, a special performance by Busta Rhymes' protege J-Doe and several other acts. Fans who are over the age of twenty-one are invited to attend. Please remember that proper dress is required for entry. For further information, please check out the included flier.

If you are interested in learning more about K-Young, please visit the singer's official Twitter page. In the mean time, make sure to purchase Keep Talking About Love through iTunes or other digital retailers.

[Image: kyoungcabanaclub2011.jpg]