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For the Lyrics section - ehbunner - 01-23-2011

I was just thinking maybe we should post a list pinned at the top of the lyrics section with a list of songs not yet done, so if anyone wants to help do some they know what needs done

just a thought as I didn't see let me buy you a drink and may write them up(assuming someone doesn't point it out to me haha) perhaps even just a list of whats been done already as that would probably be easier to update and quicker to create

Re: For the Lyrics section - OttawaCOB - 01-23-2011

That's a brilliant idea Tongue In fact you can do it yourself, or I'd be glad to do 1 also and when effex see's this, he will prob pin the threads and edit the thread to make any changes he feels are necessary.

But yeah that's a very good idea and will be very useful to me at least cause I'm a visual learner and so I love to read lyrics and so I hate taking forever searching for them Tongue

Re: For the Lyrics section - effex - 01-23-2011

Yeah, go ahead and start the thread up, we can pin it up afterward. In fact, it might be easier to just do a request thread for lyrics. It seems a lot of work to list every Crooked verse that don't have lyrics typed up, but if you are up to the job, go for it!  8)

Re: For the Lyrics section - ehbunner - 01-23-2011

Cool I'll throw up a thread with all the ones done so far and will start typing some more songs that are missing, I like having a place to go to get the lyrics for a song