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Lyrics Help - Akademic - 02-21-2011

Hey guys I need a little help.....what Crooked song does he say "Gain power and money, but never put anything before the Circle"....I don't think it's in a verse, it's at the beginning or end.  I just can't remember the song.  Any help is appreciated!

Re: Lyrics Help - BIGG Pene - 03-08-2011

Thats a hard one, maybe original HHW's ???

Re: Lyrics Help - kriszal - 03-15-2011

ill check through the original HHW tomorrow, im almost positive its in them...i can picture the song just cant put a name to it. ill get back to ya

Re: Lyrics Help - ehbunner - 04-09-2011

Haha it's Big Shit Poppin(week 12) just happened to hear the song while playing through the series on shuffle

Re: Lyrics Help - JOE SK1LLZ - 04-23-2011

Back it up whenever God's gift spit it
If you want it you can get it, I'm so Todd Smith wit' it
I hop, skip, pivot, you not shit
You pop shit, my glock spit shots quicker than clocks tick minutes