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What's going on homies? - Ganja - 08-14-2016

It's been a lil while, so I wasn't sure where to put this.

Anyways, I noticed the C.O.B. Tees on Crook's spreadshirt site went down in price and I had money to blow, so I decided to cop a 2XL black tee, since it was only $20.48 with shipping, so I wanted to know what other users have experienced with the site, in terms of actually getting the product you paid for.
I got standard shipping if that helps.

Also, for anyone else who vapes, I got the same question for Crook's vape juice line Creepin' Through The Fog, $17.99 plus shipping is a bit much to throw away for what I assume is a 30ml bottle without knowing if Imma actually get it.

Announcing name change from Hood R.A.T. to Dizkriminated.