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Niqle Nut - "Who I Am" - effex - 01-10-2017


Quote:Treacherous COB's Niqle Nut had a strong 2016 in which he blessed fans with numerous hot tracks. Now, going into the New Year, Niqle is back with another one. On the Sin V Style produced song Who I Am, the Inglewood native flows effortlessly over melodic beat that allows him to express himself to listeners. This is just a taste of what Niqle has in store for 2017 and readers are urged to keep it locked for upcoming announcements.


Re: Niqle Nut - "Who I Am" - SuperSpider - 01-16-2017

I don't get why this guy is COB affiliated in any way? No flow, no content, no ideas at all. This song had some ''concept'', but overall his music is garbage.