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KXNG CROOKED - "Easy Back It Up" - effex - 02-16-2018


Although we are not even through February, KXNG CROOKED has already made some notable moves in 2018. Whether he’s touring the country, collaborating with other artists or touching base with his fans on Crook’s Corner, the COB squad boss is not slowing down anytime soon.

On his new track Easy Back It Up, Crooked links up with producer Spokewheel who is a frequent Circle of Bosses collaborator. As with previous records, the two have come together to create another dope rock / rap anthem for listeners to ride out to.

Fans who are interested in hearing the song are encouraged to purchase it now through 22 Entertainment. If you are feeling this one, be sure to check out KXNG CROOKED and Spokewheel’s song God Bless Dope Rappers which is a fan favorite.

Purchase: KXNG CROOKED – Easy Back It Up

Follow: @CrookedIntriago | @1Spokewheel

RE: KXNG CROOKED - "Easy Back It Up" - Snake Eyez - 02-17-2018

the preview on bandcamp is actually pretty dope.