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Lyrics Database
All Credit for the Lyrics go to: Hijinks, Gfunkking, Aaron, __Z__, OttawaCOB, Take F.Light, Jerm, Novakane, ClaSSiC_COB_A2, Madman81, alphabet, ©olumbus(O)hio(B)oy

Thanks to all of them for their work and if I missed anyone which I'm sure I have thanks to you too

Don't mind the stars they're just so I can go back later and re-post the lyrics in their own thread

For now they are just in the order they are on the forum, but I plan on reorganizing later, just haven't
decided if I should do it A-Z or grouped roughly by time period any suggestions welcome

Game Time                                      
Sssutt x 2                                        
Ima Boss                                        
How To Thug                                  
I'm On One                                      
Say Dr. Dre                                      
OK Bye                                            
Corner Vision feat. The Brainstormers
Let Me Buy You A Drink                  
Villain ft. Sally Anthony                    
Gangsta's Cry                                
Long Beach To Brooklin                  
Mr. Pigface                                      
Tears of Fire ft. Charles Hamilton    
Straight Boss                                  
If You Ever Hear Me                        
I'm Still An MC                                
The Kite*                                        
All I Ever Wanted *                        
Creased Khaki Flow*                      
Guns R Us                                      
Rebel Radio                                    
Deathrow Story                              
This Is My Life                                  
N.W.A. (New West Anthem)               
Nobody Understands Me ft Erykah Badu
California Remix                                
Feels So Good                                
Can I Git Bucc                                  
Tha Row Dot Com                            
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (Nu Mixx)
Tha Dog Pound                              
Mill Out The Deal                            
Gangsta's Holiday                          
Bucc Town ft Notorious BIG            
You're So Bad ft K-Young                
Hit The Deck ft King Tech                
G'd Up and Banged Out                
Gangsta Gumbo                            
Banger On My Lap                        
W's Down                                    
Dream Big Ft Akon                        
Hard On Da Blvd.                          

St. Valentines Day Bossacre

The Boss                                      
Finer Things                                  
Freedom Part 2 Ft Fred Knuxx      
Crooked Don't Dance                  
What That Mean                          
Boss Biter                                      
Real Boss Life                                
My Life 2.0                                      
The Music Industry                          
Wake They Game Up Ft Yukmouth
Act Like You Know                        

Apex Predator

Vegas On Biz feat. K-Young    
Let Me Get It feat. Tech N9ne
Apex Predator (My Gun Go)
Nobody Cares feat. Tena Jones
A Lady Fell In Love
No Sleep Gang
Sumthin' From Nuthin'
Crook N Porter
Tell Them MF's We Made It
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Hip-Hop Weekly

-WK 00: We Fly High            
-WK 01: Straight To The Bank
-WK 02: I'm Throwed
-WK 03 - 1: Vibe Wit A B.O.S.S.
-WK 03 - 2: Take You There
-WK 04 - 1: 2nd Coming        
-WK 04 - 2: Tuck Ya Ice         
-WK 05 - 1: Umbrella             
-WK 05 - 2: We Taking Over 
-WK 06 - 1: Get It Shawty
-WK 06 - 2: Amusement Park
-WK 07 - 1: Cruisin
-WK 07 - 2: Just The King
-WK 08: Make Me Better
-WK 09: Deep Cover
-WK 10: You Know My Steez
-WK 11 - 1: Boy Looka Here     
-WK 11 - 2: Go Getta (Remix)
-WK 12: Big Sh*t Poppin'
-WK 13: International Player's Anthem
-WK 14: Pop Lock & Drop It
-WK 15: Can't Tell Me Nothing
-WK 16: My B*tch
-WK 17: Oh My God
-WK 18: Uh Oh
-WK 18.5: Died In Your Arms
-WK 19: Real Mutha Fu**in G's
-WK 20: Big Spender
-WK 21: Blueprint 2
-WK 22: Doin' Dat
-WK 23: C'mon Baby
-WK 24 - 1: I'll Still Kill
-WK 24 - 2: Big Brother
-WK 25: Imagine
-WK 26: One Mic
-WK 27: Kill Us All
-WK 28: No Stoppin' COB
-WK 29: Certified (Quit Snitchin')
-WK 30: Xxplosive
-WK 31: COB 4 Life
-WK 32: Leather So Soft
-WK 33: Get Away
-WK 34: I'm A G
-WK 35: Dynasty
-WK 36: Ten Rap Commandments
-WK 37: Boyz N Da Hood
-WK 38: Forgive Me
-WK 39: All Eyez On Me
-WK 40: Dey Know
-WK 41: Best Rapper Alive
-WK 42: Put You On The Game    
-WK 43: The Takeover
-WK 44: Till I Collapse
-WK 45: Ether
-WK 46: Hit Em Up
-WK 47: Love Me No More
-WK 48: Mary Jane
-WK 49: That White
-WK 50: Back Down
-WK 51: Big Dreams
-WK 51.5: Lollipop
-WK 52: The Finale                

Hip-Hop Weekly Reloaded

-WK 01: Mass Appeal               
-WK 02: Bang Yo City             
-WK 03: Light Up                      
-WK 04: If It Ain't About Money
-WK 05: Talkin' To Myself
-WK 06: Medicine
-WK 07: Blood On The Wall
-WK 08: Never Been                  
-WK 09: Paradise
-WK 10 - 1: Boardwalk Empire
-WK 10 - 2: Hello
-WK 11: Hard In Da Paint
-WK 12: Hot Tottie
-WK 13: Black & Yellow
-WK 14: California Love 2011 feat. K-Young
-WK 15: Kush (The Finale) feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G., Sauce Tha Boss & ConiYac
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Requested Song Lyrics

Cali Boyz (YBV2)
This Is How We Do This (YBV2)
LA City Style
Stronger Freestyle (Block Obama)

 Defective Crooked I Robot
Props for doing this ehbunner !

I'll try and get some more lyrics done when ever I got some free time on my hands
This is a great thread, I really appreciate you doing this.

You know, it had me thinking recently that maybe with it being organized like this, it will be easier to maybe integrate these lyric threads into the Projects section.

I want to find a way to make lyrics a regular feature of the main site and this thread will probably be the building blocks of that features, thanks!
Yeah no problem, hopefully I keep it up to date and can keep filling in the missing weeklies in the coming months as well as organizing what's already there into their projects to make it easier to find what you're looking for
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Good post
Ya was looking for the lyrics to week 14 Pop, lock and drop it, HHW1. Thanks alot!!
good thread...nice work
nice! will come in handy

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