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Roll up

You corny dudes bore me/
you reaching for lines/
my metaphors come when Im just speaking my mind/
shoot similies like my mouth is squeezing a  nine/
im the take over and either combined/
hes in his prime/
how you roll up cigars/
so up rap, can spell rap backwards im so up to par/
hows a young ghetto kid grow up a star/
it starts in you mind, you gotta know what you are/
im am what I think, the gospel of gods conquer impossible odds/
I can with the ink, shit is sillier then eating spam in a minc/
how I cant leave the hood though I stand on the brink/
of greatness/
fuck a fortune cookie you take this,  I aint letting nothing tell a nigga what his fate is/
wait on destiny while crooked I create his/
even if it take 8 years a grey beards/
I face fears, I shake tears, my writing in the same spheres as shakespears/
if you ask me this long beach homie I aint dressing up for the grammys/
cuz what im wearing on me is more important then a ceremony/
always there for me, why would I try to impress the same press that will call the sherrifs on me/
im gonna say it again yes I am take the N off fan and put a M cuz we fam/
labels reducing me to ruins,  you bare wit me as if you and me were bruins,?/
crooked I now tell me who did he influence,  the whole new west dress fresh spit lyrics/
before the world new about my bars I was parking foreign cars in star strip club a rich thug/
before the bentlys and 650’s I was pouring liquer on my bedroom floor my shit mixy/
20th and palm court, the eastside, shout out to woffwang and eli, calik and t-5/
to many niggas to name, longbeach and COB that the only thing I claim/
crook I picked up the double xl ya, didn’t have much to say cuz I can show ya better then tell ya/
the sub plots of my career is never let nothing derail ya, success come through many failures/
I learnt so much I cant be mad at it, my convo short winded I may be asmatic/
but trying to out rap me is a major bad habit, it will take a crack addict just to take a crack at it./

everything should be good now thanks blazincheech
* takeover and ether combined

*even if it takes 8 years and grey beards

*20th and Palm Court

*WolfWanggg eli calik and t5
Thanks kriszal for coming threw ! Props


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