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Crooked I - Game Time Lyrics (Bonus Track)
Crooked I - Game Time Lyrics (Bonus Track)

(I`m rootin for the underdog...cause I am the underdog. )

I got the world on my shoulders, im risking it all
I`m here to fight until its over, win, lose or draw
Its Game time (Its Game time) x3
I got the son in my eyes, my heart beating heavy
and ive been waiting all my life to show you im ready
Its Game time (Its Game time) x3

They try to stop me, but I know they cant
A bullshiter, or quitter, I aint
niggas is yelling they going so hard in the paint
fuck that, i rather be going hard in the bank
here we go, time to prove im the very best
posted child for Cali, niggas call me Jerry West
had to crawl before we ball, now we taking steps
this underdog is a pick, step up and place your bets
the people chant im like a in a muscle car
that 5 deuce im like a 60 in that double R
Im rich rollin, I dont bang, i just hustle hard
This C.O.B. i let the planet know who the fuck we are
that sut sut, I done came so far but I got so far to go still
I dont give a fuck how hoe`s feel
get out the way or it`ll be road kill
this is how we do this shit, obstacles are obsolete
all I know is do not retreat, im at the door im about to eat


Its Game time, and im about to take it all
Its Game time,  lets get it how we livin dawg
Imma get it all, imma spend n ball
while im living on this spinning ball
lets earth this work, imma get involved
this game is a pussy, imma hit it raw
spit it raw, one day im walking threw
heard em say you`ll never make it
dawg who you talking to? I do what bosses do
take a look at my office view, on the road to success
I know ill take a loss or two
what you call a set back, i call a challenge
if I fall i know i can get back, its all a balance
im tieing my gloves tight cause you about to be my punching bag
right before that mic cross, put em on the floor, i hit em with a 100 jabs
All I need in this life of sin, is me and my hustlin
(Everyday im hustling)
Haters you gon talk behind my back yelling fuck crook
I hit you with the virgin face, that I dont give a fuck look


All I need in this life of sin, is me and my hustlin
(Everyday im hustling) x4

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