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Adding a music video downloads section?
If it's cool with the C.O.B. Treacherous camps, which you could find out by hitting up on twitter, if it's cool with them, it would work similarly to how we have the music section, except we would host the downloads on the server but still have the streams from youtube, this way ensures the links won't go dead, and doesn't affect the site speeds too much, unless an assload of users are downloading the same video at the same time. We could incorporate a group of encoders to download the videos from youtube & encode them into either wmv or mp4, & upload them to the site.

Just by looking on my PS3 I have

Crooked I Everyday (720p)
One-2 Half-Man (1080p)
HSG Trust The Shoes (1080p)
C.O.B. Cypher 2011 (1080p)
Crooked I Drum Murder (1080p)
Mr. Pigface (upscaled to 1920x1080)
It's a cool idea, but I'm a little hesitant. The main reason being that the only content we store here is released directly to us by the COB and Treacherous camps. Not ALL of these videos were sent out on the mailing lists and released as downloads. A few of the ones mentioned were only released actually as uploaded video clips. If they approve them for download, I'd certainly do so, but for now I don't want to just rip them and upload them to the site. I'll keep it in mind though. Good idea.

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