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Royce da 5 9]
Once upon a time in city thats mine
There was a nigga named Nickel that spit like BIG in his prime
He got a 52 Pac original sickenin mind
Listenin to Pac in the drop with a prestigious design
My niggas is dimes, my bitches is dimes
I came up behind Eminem in 99 and took the baton
I been runnin shit every since then
Slaughtered emcess watchin my green grow like im waterin seeds
The problem with me is im the heart of the streets
Niggas callin for peace
They cant even call the police
If i aint better than you im harder to beat
Prolly cause i live by the honor for keeps
I get indicted after my products released
We a different four
We a different centrifugal force
Every line is like grippin on the stick shift in a Porsche
My niggas asked which direction to go on the this track
I said fuck a direction spazz out get em up high

[Crooked I]
And for them wack songs that you made
I want you throw your pen, but hold the grenade
Explode to your grave
And go straight to hell where ya soul is enslaved for the road that you paved
The role that you played
And fuckin up hip hop you also to pay(??)
The 44 close to ya brain closer than a close shave
Of a low fuckin fade dont fuck with me dont fuck with J-O-E
With Nickel we gon make more cheese
Every hit call me Joell David Ortiz
I point a burner at the plague on ya teeth
On some left over shit, its a rap on the beef
Im one in a mill we coming to kill
Its like you won an appeal
My gun put you back on the streets
Spine on the concrete lookin at the sun
Eyelids heavy, why did Crooked have to come
He was full of yak and rum like a bully actin dumb
Fully automatic um thats Crooked having fun listen
Dont make a nigga find ya dame
And make her give me brain till my mind is drained listen
Dont make me grab a nine and aim
And how ya dime did me, do you the same
But different
The West Coast king Crooked I
Ima kamikaze pilot i stay fly till i die
Get em up high

[Joell Ortiz]
Here we go again
You know him Mr Ortiz
Soon as a hold a pen i corner the sickest emcees
Pick a disease we got it
I vomit sniffle and sneeze
Lyrics squeeze listen please
Lord help get rid of the fever
Im like a hundred fifty degrees
Sixteen used to be sweet
Now theyre a bit of a tease
A nigga need an infinite instrumental just to be pleased
Used to dream about livin now im livin my dream
The bitches fiend made my dick a machine maybe im wrong
Maybe im just as fuckin big as i seem
When im spttin this mean
Me and the government intervene
A couple presidents literally live in my jeans
I give em residence they just let me pick anything
When im in the mall, they show me the latest kicks on the scene
And i get em all
I ball like the nigga i am
Niggas hate, bitches cheer like Norv Cliff and Diane
Im in a state of mind that should be the fifty-first
I run the radio but i dont use them itty bitty words
I aint shabby with the nouns
I aint shitty with the verbs
When i reach heaven i want the nigga Biggie to be like word
City slickers New York delievery when i swerve
Hold that mic like the Statue of Liberty i deserve
A shot at the title
Spitter of the year, any year
Lets be clear but them fingers in the air and hold em up high

[Joe Budden]
Work on ya half court shot im money from far
Get a mask get a ape on your monkey bar(??)
And thats rape getttin hate from the wanna be stars
And thats great
Cause they feel it and know he numb
See that bullet comin from around the corner like its shot from Angelin Jolie gun
Think Joey the one ima stake
Aint ya run of the mill
Im from where they kill you for one of ya bills
But me its fun
Ya man think we evenly skilled
He Mel Gibson all that shit he believe gonna get his son killed
Play with a master fuck what you take it as
No good straight jacket all i did was break the latch
They say he talk tough with his fake ass
Four pounds put em in another weight class
Great escape the pad
Took the jumpsuit off my naked ass
And ate the mask
You diss me, you wanna be a great that fast
Take a fully automatic and spray that gas
Me, body that whole shit with a verse prolly atrocious
And ya whole camp nobody focus
They say you the Ultimate Warrior
I agree, you die and come back and nobody'll notice
Drive by screamin its a new crew repping
Hanging out the window like its two two seven
Get em up high

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