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Royce Da 5'9" - MURDER

I got a phone call
6 in the morning anonymous that said
"yea nigga we got him" and then they hung up
Then I looked down at my iphone
At the private number saying "who the fuck is this" to the dial tone
I said fuck it the next second my phone buzzes
My niggas wife said niggas just ran up on cousin
What niggas? She said it was some rappers from Ohio
That been out here north of Atlanta bone thuggin
Ran up on him and did what then
She said they stomped him, at the club then pandemonium erupted


Going through my mind, is she telling me shots was fired
Them Ohio niggas is rock suppling
He done, stop answering start spending them niggas calls
Everytime he went to seen him he went in them rented cars
So it was even harder to find him so they figured
Theyd goto the D tomorrow and surprise em
Did they kill him nah, they only shot a couple times
Heard they was hitting walls the nerve of these niggas balls
Who was he with? He was with Tre
He in the hospital too? Nah, needless to say, call you back
I called up Tre, Tre answered i said
Ay man keep it real fam why the fuck you still standing?
He said " Nickel im a killer, not a fighter so I got up out the way
because my wait till ill lighter"
Them niggas was big so I slid but I promise on my kids we can get em
I know where them niggas is
Where them niggas at then? I heard what there crew will do
Real niggas yall was in my shoes what would you do?


Jumped up pumped up feeling like Manson Malvo Groucho
My bitch staring at me, im out though
i aint visiting cuz in the hospital till I got
Atleast one of them niggas chain in my hands like Alpo
Car headed to where Tre at
Eject the B I to put in TI skip to Asap
He off of the freeway in the projects
I hit the exit without blinkin to thinking in the process
Tre come running out with a fully on some hot shit
Im like weapons aint a thing killin is the object
What was you doing when they was kickin all on my fam
he said nickel we bout to get them niggas god damn
Why you gotta be so obnoxious what
just tell me where them niggas at 'fore i take your ass hostage
he said alright 'round 6, 'round 5 of them niggas was rounding around me and my rider a crown vic
I said alright and pulled outta the lot and made a right
you in a car that fit the description say goodnight
you gotta pay the price
Tre said there they go in the alley
sittin in the car they prolly blazin right
and they cant see us cause we behind em
This aint the time
but what if this the only opportunity to find em
i said you right pulled into the alley to see two people infront of them niggas car takin out garbage
i said wait till these people finish they innocent
soon as they go back in they cribs we gonna finish it
no sooner than a second after
Tre jumps out of the passenger side blasting
Past them niggas we hear the kill hitting them innocent bystanders
tearin their trash up our enemies jumped out of they car waving badges they all shootin at me
nobody blazin at him this aint adding up
car in reverse now im mashin, leaving Tre behind
even though its some questions that i gotta ask him


Burning rubber away from there in a bullet riddled car
trying to piece this shit together hitting the boulevard
if them niggas is the police what the fuck is Tre?
he aint dead or in jail by now then he the other way
snitch or pig i gotta talk to my cousin
that nigga settin me up then ima lift his lid
that nigga know how hostile my reactions
i call and try to find out what hospital he at then
every nigga pick up just laugh when i ask
have you heard about cuz getting smashed maybe im the ass then
head hurtin like a mofucka looking for a gas station
now a nigga need a fuckin aspirin
i hear a familiar ringtone from my phone
its my bitch textin me telling me dont come home
im thinkin damn should i text back why me
my phone starts ringin its Tre on the ID
he said them niggas tried to get me but i slid
he wanna tell me in person meet me at my crib
i said nigga please
i threw the phone out the window rolled over it crushed it into a million pieces
i hit the blinker quick to hit the highway
if ima be a target yall know ima do it my way
after i rolled for a few hours id say
i was tired after i got out of the tri state
cant help but to feel like another lame exposed
pullin up to an old telly in the rain and cold

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