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Truth-Epilog (How do u feel about Crooked Is move not to have a forum or site?)
Just wanted to see what u think, since u know we all here were part of OG DEG-DOC forums that were active since 2004. After 4 years DYNASTYENTGROUP AND DOC forums closed cause wizzeguyz and Crooked felt thers no need for the site and forums at all. Forum had over 10 000 members who participated in Crookeds online promotion for free, (just example DOC mixtape called Evolution Of A Boss was made outta nutting and had huuge internet buzz, tape was downloaded more the 200 000 times in few months,), forum members kept participated in keepin Crooked I name alive on the intrenet with those DOC mixtapes, Boss Blends, HHW mixtapes, members of the forums posted videos and songs on youtube,made their own blogspots about Crooked, posted news on numerous forums from dubcc to wcrydaz to streethop etc etc etc, i can go on and on what DOC members did...

Other then that we had people like Kay and his right hand Peter Stannard who were keeping the site and forums alive for 4 years with their own knowledge and money (guess u know having a site big as D:E:G was cost money) , designed, redesingned DYNASTY ENTERTAIMENT site and forums numerous times, wrote press releases, sent millions of emails to DJs, labels....i mean ton of work.

After all those years administrators needed help from Crooked to keep the site alive and Crooked answered to that with few words like: Thanx for the all u have done.  In this time i no longer need DEG site and forums running. Thank You.

How do u feel about this situation as Crooked I fan and DOC member?

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Truth-Epilog (How do u feel about Crooked Is move not to have a forum or site?) - by EPISCOP CVRLE - 01-13-2009, 10:37 AM

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