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Kenny Siegel - Intro (Gangsta M.C.)
i tell a jerk to beat his feet or my burner eat his meat walk so heavy when lurkin in the streets
my foot pressure could make the globe turnin speed increase if i run learn that siegs a beast
strong lyrics hercules on beats this misfits pinprick cryptic scripts n notes n twisted quotes
from thoughts of my wicked motives my tickers frozen clique is cobras biscuits loaded lift ya soul
when my clips is blowin im cold as if u didnt notice as if u didnt know this im why cats eviction
notice ponderin new ways of demolishin u gays at my squadrons conclave the cob is my brigade
we live as a grenade thats pinless sendin shots to send ya grimace its the grimmest menace
this manglers cantankerous waitin n achin to station a shank in ya pancreas makin ya shake
while u stranglin hangin n danglin from a cable as im swingin a sabre n extirpatin ya facial its
the dangerous pugnacious rapin this homosapien coppin glocks to pop a coppa n get rid of law
like the patriots i belong in the loony bin ghoulish grin fool with him lose a limb end up in
the mausoleum sit in a room thats dim wipin down my ruger n writin down a rhyme as my
kinetic mind move my pen

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