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Took me a while, but Montreal is back in the building
What's up everyone,

I used to be active on the Dynasty Records forum a while ago and then the site stopped working and I am finally back here, and I've been slippin' with Crooked I's latest new Hip Hop Weekly Reloaded, and it's good to be back to rep for the greatest rapper alive especially when that is the only thing you listen to. I recall when a friend told me that Crooked Intriago and the rest of Slaugtherhouse was going to be in Montreal for Escape Mtl with Pharoahe Monch on Saturday, April 10, 2010, I was so pumped for the show and passed by with a friend and expected nothing less than everyone, still enjoyed the show although Crooked was not there due to certain issues with the Canadian border.

I do wish him that next time that he can make it because we've been waiting so long for Crooked I up North and hope that you guys can get a second album out and get back here asap. Joe was really appreciative when I was actually reppin' Slaughterhouse with the album in my hands, nothing but pure lyrical murder , and I had a yellow Nautica jacket that night and Joe replied to me by saying Thank you. The whole clique, everybody was humble during the show, I just now hope that we will see you enough at the very least for the first time Dominick and so that we can get at least a pic with you and keep it in the history books and all of Mtl is still waiting for you.

A letter from a true fan,

PS. I still hold the Young Boss Mixtape Vol. 2 I actually ordered twice but ended up only receiving one copy from and gave it to a friend that introduced me to you back during the DR Era and So Damn Hood and your greatest freestyle ever on the Wake up Show when giving a minute of silence for the mic, we still waiting for you solo so you can bust on this industry. Hands down the best mixtape I have ever listened to and destroyed any rap album that came out that year. BTW would it please be possible to see if there is any way to order that mixtape since it is impossible to find online, any help would be greatly appreciated from anyone. I hope Dominick will actually get a chance to read this.


It's rap or die season, the best rappers ain't alive, so analyze me then - Hip Hop Weekly 35 Dynasty

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Took me a while, but Montreal is back in the building - by makaveli_411 - 10-04-2010, 08:44 AM

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