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Ghetto News Flash: Sauce Tha Boss "How Weed Won The West" (Video)

Quote:Circle of Bosses followers and B.O.S.S. Board readers should already be familiar with Queen Dita and her Ghetto New$ Flash! video series. Well, she has once again linked up with the C.O.B. family in a brand new segment.

On the latest installment of Ghetto New$ Flash!, we find Dita linking up with Circle of Bosses representative Sauce Tha Boss. The video examines the controversial Proposition 19 bill, Kanye West's "apology" to George Bush and the Lakers. Oh yeah, the Shake Weight makes an appearance too. Sauce Tha Boss (and some other familiar faces) offer their insight throughout the video by simply "smoking that dope". It's a hilarious montage of clips and we are confident that fans will enjoy it!

If you are interested in checking out past installments of Ghetto New$ Flash!, please visit it's YouTube page. In the mean time, make sure to follow Dita and Sauce Tha Boss on Twitter for further updates.


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Ghetto News Flash: Sauce Tha Boss "How Weed Won The West" (Video) - by effex - 11-18-2010, 07:16 PM

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