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New Media Features On The Boss Board
What's up everyone?

I have added an assortment of minor adjustments around here and figured I'd give everyone a run down in case they haven't came across them yet. While I have some further features to add (including changes to the image embedding in posts), this is what we have right now...

Video Embedding -

I have removed the "YouTube" button for embedding videos. Users simply have to post the YouTube link and it will automatically convert into the video. Threads that used the YouTube tag previously will NOT be broken, it still should work. This will also work for Vimeo and several other sites. I will be working on making it support sites such as WorldStarHipHop and OnSmash in the near future. As you know we don't allow for HTML in threads as it's a security risk.

Image Gallery -

A "quick" preview has been added to the Image gallery. Users simply have to click the thumbnail to view the image on the same page without it redirecting. Of course, if you want to leave a comment and share, you can still do that. All you would have to do is click the image's title. I will make this more apparent in the gallery soon, but there is a notice to do so.

Video Gallery -

It is the same idea as the image gallery. Simply click the thumbnail for a quick preview box.

Music -

This is similar to the Galleries, however, users can now use the "music note" to load a song as a preview. You can still click the song's name to redirect to the comment page.

-- -- --

All these features are being tested and improved. However, I wanted to mention them now in case anyone comes across bugs or has ideas for improvement.

Our next improvement is for embedding images in posts. Images that are TOO large will be automatically scaled and can be enlarged by clicking on them. I can't tell you how annoying it is to come across an image that is too large and ruins the site's appearance.

If you have further ideas for improvement let me know. While I don't get to everything right away, it's always reviewed and considered.

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