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Interlude - Julius Luciano
Interlude – Julius Luciano

I say life is fucked up, when I say that I'm certain
When I say that I'm searchin for a statement to replace that assertion
Used to be hotheaded to the point my wave cap was burnin
That date backs to birth when
I was young I felt like I aint have a purpose
To make matters worse, I would stay mad, exerting
Energy, the shit I seen was way past disturbing
What I observed, made me mad til I became mad observant
I stick with a migraine, in my great mind
Til my hate migrates to mics, might take time
I plight, make rhymes, treat life like a dice game, nah
That advice aint mine, fuck chance I live off fate, I’m
Positive, that rappers survive on Hip-hop, the mystic
Theres no latter that I cant climb
Hip-hop is in a box, but the box aint pried
Its made of solid hate, its locked in chains
To stop the change, so every eye in the box stay blind
Me? I fight for my sane kind, Ima monotheist
This not a shot at Jesus, I praise god
I pray that yall wait, some say, yall fate fine
?You day, fa vay? Say yours then I say mine
If you a Christian, then be a Christian, but for Christ sakes mind
Your biz, invading my space you guys aint Tom??
I'm on a mission I cannot waste time
Wait a minute, wheres my fitted my cap, low to mask my bad mood
You read my mood wrong, get it backwards that’s doom
For you, im upset and pass some bad news
My pumps’ll stop you abruptly, my gat is that rude
Never sat in classrooms, only academics I knew
Was sagging denims, while you cats was at school
I was stackin scrap, not baggin crack, shrooms
Or acid, tap dudes, who ran with rap crews
Pops was ghost, never had a dad, dude
Shook when I was in the womb, a bastard that soon
This shit sucked, yeah my past got a vacuum
Feel into it, I'm feeling new, I'm past it that’s cool
I got a mac to plastic bag you, crackers that view
Us, like tappin black coons, my swagger has bloomed
Hand me cash or its clap-n-tap-pewm

watch out for (any corrections u find tell me)

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