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COB Introduces The 918 / Oklahoma Division (Music Video)
(12-27-2010, 01:56 PM)PWT503 link Wrote:wow thats alot of hate lol i understand you may not like the track but no need to hate that hard. look COB has some lyrical cats in our ranks staring at the top with crook and his brothers the u gang but COB is about more than lyricals
shit im not the lyrical guy with my tracks i go in my own direction of trying to paint pictures with my words and bring creativity to the game but nobody is gonna be like "Yo PWT got ill Punch lines" not gonna happen. look all im sayin is if COB was only one dimensional we would fail but were not we got all kind of talent within are ranks from Gangsta MC to backpack from street guys to industry management. its not as small as a couple rappers COB is a world wide movement and 2011 will be our year so take all that negitive energy and turn it into to positive and lets take the world by storm

Well said. I guess you do have to respect diversity, even if every section is not your cup of tea. Ultimately, Pdub is right, eventhough it doesnt really change my opinion on this particular track. Who knows though, maybe these guys will come back with something stronger.

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