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COB Introduces The 918 / Oklahoma Division (Music Video)
PWT homie i respect what you saying. But when you got dudes like Horse Shoe Gang, Crooked I, Iceman, One-2, K-Young (who can sing his ass off) and even though your not the craziest lyricist we still feel your passion in your music, we dont listen to you to be lyrically attacked we listen to you because you put passion into your music. We just see COB attached to these guys and we expect lyrics or passion and we didnt really get either, i'm not saying these dudes arent talented but if they want to be attached to COB they need to show us more than this. Hopefully they will release some more music and show us what their all about.

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Re: COB Introduces The 918 / Oklahoma Division (Music Video) - by 509 Finest - 12-27-2010, 06:38 PM

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