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COB Cypher 2012 Lyrics
This is what the cypher is all about...LYRICS. So lets work together and get this bitch done, ill start off:

women and gentlemen, get the trembling, the minute the villan is feeling adrenaline
cause then i pill in your mother fucking melon till its on the fucking ceiling
i feel like breaking in and entering the prison and killing fucking zimmerman
the minute that they mother fucking sentence him, discrimate your limb, uppercut your chin and then
disfigure your twin, im sin in a synonym, im injuring niggas, penicillin not healing em
do the running man when i got the gun in hand,
trigga finger itching then ama switch it to the other hand
im sick as a nigga dickin his own mother samantha
cause im a mother fucker and the son of sam
god damn its another ambition, as a rider and im the one on that mission
when we enter the building with a million rugged ass henchmen thats a ten hundred grand entrance
back with this other transition, vicious,
smacking your mother, man listen, when I mutate then its too late
then i chew faces, back with this gun in hand business
when i send a few strays, bullets grace anatomy
give my gun a raise like it got a change in salary
i be at your door, im a natural born killa, you can call me Mickey and my 38 is Mallory :o
my brain is sicker than casey anthony, your not reaely understanding how deranged i gotta be
my crazy family be telepathically handing me a strategy to erase the slave humanity
this is the art of war, ima paint calamity, hate the tragedy, pain and agony
then ama frame the painting and hang it in satans gallery
but im not evil, holy like i came from gatally?

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